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Maroon Bells

Ah, the Maroon Bells in autumn -- they really are just that pretty. Third week in September worked of me to catch the aspens. There are dozens upon dozens of folks there with you, but you knew that you weren't going to glimpse this kind of beauty without some company. You can reserve a nearby campsite ahead of time and avoid the Aspen lodging fees. Go ahead and plan a trip -- you deserve it!

Labyrinth Canyon

Our last day was going to be a short one, so we took our time breaking camp to savor the morning sun on the walls of Labyrinth Canyon.

Years ago we hiked to Upheaval Dome in the Island in the Sky section of Canyonlands. It's the eroded remains of an ancient (millions of years ago) meteor impact.

Soda Springs Basin, Canyonlands NP

The bright sun gave us beautiful warm light as we headed down the north side of Murphy Hogback. All of Soda Springs Basin lay before us with Candlestick Tower watching as we began our day.

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