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South Arapaho Peak and Arapaho Glacier

Oh yeah, that's the stuff - peaks, flowers, thin air. The Arapaho Glacier hike is much better than last week's hike to Chicago Lakes.

There's two ways to hike to Arapaho Glacier: 1) from Rainbow Lakes or 2) from the Fourth of July trailhead. We chose the shorter, steeper #2.

Lower Chicago Lake

The hike to Chicago Lakes is a solid Colorado mountain hike. The trailhead is at Echo Lake Park, which is at 10,600'. Upper Chicago Lake is at 11,800', so it'll be enough to warm you up. We used this 9 mile hike as a warm-up for 14ers later in the season.

Reunification Express Overnight Train

Vietnam is a long north-south country with no interstate highways. So if you're from the US or Europe, you'll have to adjust the amount of time it takes to travel. So although a 40-50 mile per hour train sounds kind of slow, the top speed is a car is about that fast, and there's traffic to deal with. And when you're going the ~400 miles between Hanoi & Hue, that works out to about 10 hours. Or you could travel by air. But didn't you sit endless hours in an airplane just to get to Vietnam?

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