Drying Shrimp, Kompong Phluk, Cambidia

When we visited the temples at Angor while in Cambodia, we took an excursion on the nearby lake, the Tonle Sap. This photo is from the village we visited, Kompong Phluk. The lake is full of fish and shrimp. The shrimp are laid out on mats and dried for later use.

The Tonle Sap is a strange lake. It's connected to the Mekong river, and acts as overflow water storage during the rainy season. The lake rises by about 30 feet.

We visited in the dry season. When the lake is high, there's water for about twenty feet above where I took this photo. If you look closely at the houses, you'll notice that are on stilts to accomodate for the varying levels of the lake.