31 Oct – 2 Nov 2014

A few years back we did a too-short long weekend in Oaxaca, Mexico, with our friends Amity & Antonio. (Same trip as the places covered in this post.) We went to experience Dia de Muertos in a city renowned for their celebrations. Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) lasts takes place over three nights from 31 October to 2 November. During this time folks go to the cemeteries to spend time with the dead, bringing the deceased’s favorite food and drink to share. And although for some people it is a somber occasion, the overall feel is one of celebration.

Día de los Muertos – Parade

And it’s not just in the cemeteries — the whole city has shrines, holds parades, and closes a major street for the celebrations. And none of this is put on for tourists. I didn’t feel that the locals minded that we were there, but the festivities are for themselves. It was a privilege to be able to take part in something that was so genuine. And to this day when October runs out, my mind drifts to the golden marigolds, translucent sugar skulls, and the smokey roundness of mezcal that we experienced in Oaxaca.

Doings around the city center of Oaxaca

Xoxocotlán – Panteón Antiguo (Old Cemetery)

Xoxocotlán – Panteón Nuevo (New Cemetery)

Panteón General (San Miguel Cemetery)

Panteón General (San Miguel Cemetery)

Panteón General (San Miguel Cemetery)